Elevation Mask 2.0

The elevation mask is a popular apparatus that many have incorporated into their workouts to mimic high elevation training. The elevation training mask is a breathing device that assists in strengthening an individual’s respiratory capabilities. High altitude training has always been a form of training that many elite athletes utilize. Basically the mask lessens the amount of oxygen to the body, which in turn trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently. Additionally the mask can be adjusted in order to heighten or lessen the levels of difficulty (higher altitude training) to further increase the body’s ability to use oxygen efficiently.

I used the masks on my heavy bag workout which consists of ten two minute rounds with 30 second rest between rounds. On Monday I used the original mask with the orange nose piece, medium resistance. I used the mask from warm-up to cool down which is exactly 45 minutes. On Tuesday I used the newer version with the same heavy bag workout for the exact same time, 45 minutes, at the 9,000 setting. Here is what I noticed when comparing the two masks.

What I like about the original mask is the fact that it is secure. Once you place it on and tighten the straps, the mask isn’t going anywhere. I also enjoyed the ease of changing settings, you don’t have to take of the mask. All you have to do is unscrew the nose piece and screw in the next one. What I didn’t like about the original mask was the fact that it gets very uncomfortable the longer you train. It feels like its cutting into your skin and the straps flapping around during my workout irritate me. Additionally, when the mask is on it restricts my vision… it was hard for me to focus after a few minutes into my training session. Finally after training when you take off the mask there would be an imprint of the mask around your face, I always hated seeing that driving home.

I love the fact that the newer version is so soft and that you don’t have that feeling that you’re wearing a helmet when you’re training. I also like the fact that it no longer leaves an imprint on your face. Since the material and a majority of the top part of the design has changed there is no longer any imprints left on the face.  The one thing I didn’t like is the fact that it occasionally slipped so I had to readjust the mask, it isn’t as secure as the original. It could be because it is new or maybe it’s because I didn’t put it on right. Another issue is the fact that the mask makes noises when I breathe. When I inhale there is a slight whistling sound like a piece of rubber not fully sealing off and when I exhale some air escapes around the nose bridge area and gets into my eyes, it gets irritating but as soon as I adjust it corrects itself. This could be due to the fact that I don’t have a huge nose bridge and the gap isn’t being completely sealed. Finally, changing settings on your mask will require you to take off the mask and spend time configuring the many different plastic parts. If you aren’t used to it I’m sure you will get confused fairly easily. Again with time I’m sure it will become easier to work with.

Overall both masks do what they are supposed to do and that is mimicking the effects of high altitude training. So either way you go you will benefit but in my personal opinion the newer version is the better product. Elevation mask is cheaper, smaller, and softer, has more settings and can be easily used in more dynamic workouts. Not to mention you look more like a ninja than a zombie. The 2.0 version is only the second version of the mask, I’m sure that the company is working on making an even better mask as we speak. If you are ready to take it to the next level I encourage you to buy an elevation training mask. Do your own research and see if it will benefit you as well as find which configuration will be better for you. If you do decide to buy and use the elevation mask, either the 1.0 or the 2.0 please let me know what you think about the product. Until the next time!!



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4 thoughts on “Elevation Mask 2.0

  1. Hello my fellow Ninja – Where might one acquire such a device to improve my own breathing ability? LOL! Nice post dude! For real though, where did you get it and what brand is it?

  2. Baised I bought it from http://www.trainingmask.com/
    Its the same brand as the original, “elevation mask”. I seriously recommend it, it definitely makes the difficulty level of any workout more intense and cuts workout time in half. If you buy one let us know what you think!!

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